Tea is one of the amazing human inventions which has been popular among people all around the world. Tea is considered to be the second most famous drink after water. It is prepared using youthful leaves and leaf buds of the Camellia sinensis tea plant into boiling water. With regard to Herbal tea, prepared using herbs are blends or infusions of dried fruits, flowers, spices, or herbs in water.

The medicinal benefits of Herbal tea include slowing down the ageing process, which restores the age of cells in the body that makes the skin look unblemished and younger. It also intensifies and safeguards cells against the harmful impacts of disease-causing particles present in the body. There are other values of herbal tea, which will improve the functioning of respiratory organ, relieves cough and inflammation, helps digestion. Major benefit of taking herbal tea is that it relives stress and soothes the mind releasing chemicals in the brain helping fight stress and help focus and improvise the present self.

Having said all the benefits, have you ever thought of making a cup of tea without sugar, milk and tea leaves? Yes, it’s possible!!!!!


Now let’s dwell on the preparation of homemade herbal tea.

For a single serving (one cup)

In 500 ml boiling water add

  • A small piece of peeled and smashed ginger.
  • 3-5 Peppercorns crushed.
  • A pinch of cumin seeds.
  • A small amount of fenugreek seed/ powder.
  • Jaggery as per requirement.

Let it boil for about 3-5 minutes.

A delightful and tasty herbal tea is ready to drink…….