Namaste All!
Today we are looking onto the important precautions that a yoga practitioner should take while doing yoga asanas.
First, find a clean and quiet surrounding to practice yoga and always practice yoga after your daily routine.
It is best to avoid eating for 2 hours before yoga asana. If necessary, it is advisable to drink a cup of green tea or a glass of water just before 20 minutes of practice.
Avoid practicing in a full stomach, this may cause severe difficulty to your body. Also give 2-3 hours between the meal time and your practice.
Yoga mat places a vital role in your yoga practice. It always guarantees good grip and stability to your asanas. Also, wear loose clothes for better comfort.
Do consult a Medical Practitioner or a Yoga therapist if you encounter heavy body pain, heart related diseases or in case you’re pregnant.
Do not practice Yoga asanas with undue stress or strains, always be spontaneous with the movements and never end up doing yoga in a mechanical way.
Avoid practicing yoga during menstruation, just take rest.
You should always warm up before yoga.
Always begin your practice session either with a prayer or by lying down in shavasana for at least ten minutes. This shall also be followed while you conclude your practice.
You are only allowed to take a shower and food after 20-30 minutes of your yoga-routine.
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