In the early stages Acharya Rajendran practiced Yoga under his brother Acharya Srikkanth a well known Yoga practitioner having more than 20 years experience in instructing Yoga, with more than thousands of disciples.

At Sree Yoga Darshan good living is instilled through simplistic and holistic practices that yield to synergistic positioning of the mind, body and soul. Imparting the age old art and science of breathing health through healing breath is our ultimate mission....

"YOGA" is a Sanskrit word and means " Union ". It is a blend of Physical and Mental Exercise designed to sharpen ones concentration, improve health and attain eternal contentment.

"After practicing yoga I have begun to experience mental and physical contentment. "   
Adv. Satish Murti,
Murti and Murti, Kochi

"Great teaching techniques. We learned lot in a short period. Thank you very mush for your enthusiasm and interest."

Siva Indianapolis, USA

"Due to the pressures and fast moving pace of the daily life I was experiencing mental agony. After practicing Yoga for some time I began to experience mental satisfaction and regain my health. Yoga brought about a tremendous change in my official and personal life."
Dr. K R Jayarajan             Marketing Manager Milma, Ekm.

"My 15 year old chronic Asthma has been totally cured after practicing Yoga. I am no longer depended on inhalers or medicines."
K. M. Makkar, Retd. PWD Engineer, Thalayolaparambu.

My hearty thanks to the science of yoga for helping me to attain energy, youth and radiance after practicing yoga.
Saindranath k, Income tax employee

From 23 rd May to 8 th June he was invited to Israel’s Reidmen International College by Sally Reidmen the president of the college.
He was also invited as a guest Yoga lecturer for the Israeli Yoga Teachers Association.
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   "Health is wealth,
     Peace of mind is happiness,
     Yoga shows the ways
    -By Swami Vishnu-Devananda